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Racial Profiling of Arab Americans and Other Minorties Following 9-11

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Andrew Rainey
SOC 125- T/R 11:00
After september eleventh america has seen a great increase in racial profiling due a surge of panic and fear following the attack.  This has caused our government to give police more discretion in deciding who to pull over and thus giving police more of a oppurtunity to commit acts of racial profiling since traffic stops are the most
common form of interaction people have with the police. In addtion to more obvious forms of profiling police also use covert forms such as pulling people over more from lower income brackets and from inner cities.   Racial profiling's remergence can be noted in the 2002 supreme court case of Avizu vs. US.  This marked a turning point where suspcions where allowed to be examined collectively instead of a point by point analysis.  It also placed more emphasis on police testitmony and local factors.  This allowed police to answer for less in court by providing a series of the smallest suspcions and local factors that can not be examined from an objective manor. 
This collective analysis allows the individual factors to pull someone over to become far weaker by allowing the sum of the parts to be less than the whole.  Valuable theoretical idea in psychology but philosphy has no place in supreme law.  This along with other aspects of the case mark a weakening of the unaliable fourth admendment and a move from probable cause to a more vague reasonable suspcion.  Without making police answer clearly for thier reasons and allowing thier own expertise and experience to come to thier deffense in accusations against them, we have allowed racial profiling and profiling in general to take a new front.
 The money ran media has played a role too.  After 9-11 talk of racial profiling in the news included the terror of terrorism and the need to weakin our unaliable 4th admendment to protect us from its threat.  There was also a much greater diversity of people from differnet racial backgrounds in the news supporting racial profiling to
keep our nation safe.  This shows a great deal of sensitivity to the issue.  Also intriguing is that most people, 62.3%, prefer to not have thier racial background indetified in the discussion of this topic on the news.  It also is clear that the arab american and african american segments have been disproportionately excluded from the topic of racial profiling in the news when examining the numbers of non-government opnion leaders of either an arab american
or african american on the news.  Compared to the plentiful armount of sources of this type to the amount that made it on the news, these kinds of sources are clearly being oppressed by the media in general.  Also intresting to note is that all government news sources in the media went down except for the bush administration sources which doubled following 9-11.
 To understand the impacts of 9-11 on racial profiling it would be useful to look at the views of the citizens of New York.  The results of a survey show that after 9-11 whites were more likely than any other race to think that racial profiling could occur even if the officers were being neutral/objective.  This means that whites in New York tend to think racial profiling can be allowed in certain circumstances.  Even if these intentions are to protect are country, they are baseless techniques rooted only in fear.  Also it is important to see that
whites were the ones mainly advocating this type of behavior.  If it were really about keeping are country safe you would expect to see equal support across the board.  But than again, racial profiling is not a concern for those who are not its target.  Opening the door to this kind of behavior only sets us back and hinders the progress of equality for all.
 Arab americans have suffered a great deal of abuse from catholics, protestands, and jews also following 9-11.  According to one survey, after 9-11, protestans, catholics, and jews where more likely than non-religous individuals to support the racial profiling of arabs and muslims.  Even knowing a muslim or arab personaly had no
effect on the thier views.  This new founded "moral" support for racial profiling has added yet another brick in the wall surrounding arab american profiling and oppression of minorties in general.
 In conclusion the effects of 9-11 on the white population in particular have provided a new network of factors working together that allow more racial profiling in America.  Mainly driven by panic and fear these new boundaries have allowed police to commit more acts of racial profiling and have set the progress of civil rights and
civil liberties back.  Before this incident racial profiling would have never been even ushered as a possiblity and now it is considered a reasonable debate and has gained more ground on which to conduct itself.  The right and freedoms of this country have declined in a sensless effort to supposedly protect these same freedoms.